The Heart Of Shoe

The Heart Of Shoe



The last is a shoemaker’s foundation and can be thought of as their most closely guarded secret. With heritage and experience paving the way for excellent last development, Majestic Life is continually striving to design lasts with the best possible fitting qualities.

The Last Guide

It has been said that the last is the heart of a shoe a fundamental requirement of shoemaking, the development of which cannot be compromised. A last must carry all of the aesthetics and fitting qualities a shoemaker needs from the outset. The initial phase of last making and test fitting can be a lengthy process, and it is one that is overseen by the current Managing Director, Kameel Aleyan.

Over time, Majestic life has been able to learn from more than a century of last making experience as they have adapted and developed each new last, crafted in italy & egypt . Due to continued growth in key markets throughout the world, majestic life is known globally for its diverse selection of lasts. Chronologically numbered, the lower the number, the earlier the date of origin.


The 'last' is the mould used to produce the shoes on, the one that gives the shoe its final shape, as seen when finished.

ML - 57

The Ml-57 last is an elegant and contemporary shape. Originally designed exclusively to supply the Japanese market, but nowadays is part of our Linea Maestro permanent Collection. Our narrowest and longer last in use at the moment.

Narrow fitting . If you do not have a rather slim fit, it is recommended to upsize half a size from your regular UK sizing.

A very sleek and elongated last, mostly used to produce dressy oxfords & monks dedicated to our Handwelted Linea Maestro range.


ML - 64

The Ml-64 is a long, almond toed & asymmetrically shaped last, that features a lower profile on the toes. featuring a regular UK E (medium) fitting & a low instep. The shape of  this last is something special & is also very popular among our customers.

Medium fitting last (UK E) with a low instep. 

A very sleek and elongated last, not aggressively shaped, for a contemporary look.


ML - 26

Our contemporary, slightly longer compared with the Ml-21. A soft chiseled squared toe & a slightly narrow heel & mid to high instep. Features a true to UK size medium fitting (UK E)

A sleek and elongated last, mostly used to produce dressy oxfords, monks & loafers too. Usually finished with leather soles for a more dressy look.

The whole cut is one of the most popular styles on the 26 lasts.


ML - 91

It is our classic round loafer last. Exclusively designed for loafers. A classic shape that will never go out of style.

Almond toed shape, slightly narrow across the vamp & toe areas for a better adjustment & prevent heel slippage. Featuring a regular UK E (medium) fitting & a low instep.

Most popular styleS are penny & tassel loafers.



Our Classic round last, one of our most popular & versatile ones. A very well proportioned shape, not too long, not too short, just spot on. The Ml-21 last fits greatly oxford, boots & monk styles.

True to UK size & features a UK E Medium fitting. Slightly wider heel with a regular to low instep & classic round toed shape. One of our most demanded lasts. 

The most popular style on the HIRO are the classics, from cap toes to double monks.



The Ml-07 is our smart round last, an elongated, almond toed & straight shaped last. featuring a generous UK E (medium) fitting, narrow heel & a high instep.

Even the shape is marked as a Medium fitting, it is quite generous on the toe area.

A very sleek and elongated last, not aggressively shaped, for a contemporary look.

Most popular styles on the Ml-07 are the versatile cap toes.



Our new leissure loafer last, featuring a high wall on the toe, narrow heel & a medium UK E fitting. 

Dedicated for casual loafers & paired with soft leather counters, this shape makes the most versatile loafers.

The calssic penny loafer is the most popular style on the Ml-94.



The Ml-09 last is our voluminous classic rounded toe last. Medium UK E fitting on the wide side, generous fit accross the toes.

A great last to base our heavier shoes & boots on, with double soles and storm welts like our classic Longwing, plain toe Bluchers or Jumper boots.


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