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Guide To Caring Your Majesty Shoe

Light maintenance is The key

Taking care of our handmade Italian footwear is a breeze because high-quality footwear doesn't require excessive attention—just a light touch of maintenance to maintain an effortlessly natural and classic look. When you get a new pair, there’s no need for immediate conditioning or polishing - they’re ready to wear out of the box. We recommend sitting down at a shoe shine stand every once in a while, but if you aren’t in a location to have that luxury, the following guide will help you out at home.

Before getting into color repair and shining, you want a clean palette. This isn’t necessary each time, but if your shoes are particularly dirty or you’ve added many layers of creams and waxes over time, using a gentle cleaner will be helpful. For our calfskins, Saphir Reno’Mat and a vigorous brushing is a good start.

Whenit’s been a rough day and our shoes look worse for wear, we take the time to give them a quick polish. There are two types of polishes: cream and wax. If you choose cream polish, apply to the shoe dry before brushing it off vigorously. This method is best when you want a matte finish to your shoes. For a more shiny finish, use Saphir wax polish.

  • always use a shoe horn to avoid misshaping your shoes or damaging the back
  • Rotate your shoes between wears to allow the leather time to dry and breathe
  • sing a shoetree daily will keep the shoes in optimum shape and will help to soften creasing


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