The Beginning Of a Legacy

Founded In 1892

Excellence Of Footwear

There are names that are associated with the success of a business, and the name Majestic life is inextricably linked to the finest expertise in men’s footwear. transformed the name into a synonym of the finest quality made-to-measure shoes.

A history that began in 1892 with the Italian Mr. Mattia Luca , in a small workshop in Giza Egypt, and continues with Mr. Evan Roslem who joined them in 1902 in their new workshop in the historic center of Moaez.

Skills passed down from generation to generation
Before leaving, he left Mattia Luca with the keys to the enchanted world of lasts, colors, leathers, invention, design, and beauty because he was the only one to know how to open the door and allow those marvelous creatures to live forever. Mattia , with all his passion, pragmatism, and strength has been able to detonate this world, he has opened it up and broadened it, making it even more free, limitless, happy, and full of appeal. He immediately began by bringing it around the world, first to America, where for numerous years he has been spending half of his time, and then to Asia, and then once again to Italy and Europe.

thier legacy lives on in the shoes that the company produces limitly with great seriousness, and for the attainment of outstanding quality. managerial prowess has transformed the small workshop with its great treasure into a marvelous machine, operated by a group of peerless and unique artisans, one that is capable of challenging the world with its geniality, originality, and a style that is . All of us working together for the most beautiful shoes in the world.

A “Majestic Life” shoe is anything but ordinary, a shoe that is stylish yet distinguished, an accessory that stands out for its flair and absolute timelessness.
Since 1892 To this current day we had produced some of the world’s finest footwear from our small factory in Egypt, the shoemaking capital of pure leather in the world. the business is owned and managed by the founding family, who emphasize quality and timeless style above all else.

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