Lace pattern, stitching

& attention to detail

"Modesty is a decoration ..." says the proverb, which adds: "... but you can continue without it". Fortunately, both attitudes have found enough space in the world of fine men's shoes. Completely unadorned, but therefore no less handsome shoes, as well as those models with wing caps, perforated patterns or decorative stitching testify to the unique elegance of timeless classic men's shoes.



Numerous gradations and variations offer tailor-made design for every taste. Based on the traditional basic models, further embellishments can be applied, which in turn have become legendary classics among men's shoes in their special appearance.



Side rows

Hole pattern rows as shown above, and Lyra perforation called the shoemaker punched with a sharp cutting knife from the leather. At intervals of 5 mm, 3 mm holes are lined up, each of which is interrupted by two 1 mm holes.

toe cap

The hole pattern on the toe cap is available in different versions, as many names can be found to this ornament. Some speak of star pattern, rosette, bout Fleuri, tendril pattern and many more.



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